BJ Cantlupe

A Musician's Journey in Web Development

How Programming Has Improved My Work Life

In the past few years, I have developed a fetish for automation. My Android phone is loaded with automation apps like Automate and Tasker, and I have recently begun playing around with Google Apps Script. Basically, I’m hoping that one day I will be to the point where I can check my phone and computer a couple times a day just to see my creations doing all of the grunt work for me. Recently, this passion has started trickling into my daily work life.

Fancy Hamburger Menu Icons

Earlier this week, my first website from scratch was launched! In celebration of the occasion, I want to share an element from the site. I decided to get a little fancy with the menu icon animations, and created a few options for my client/roommate. He picked the one in the middle.

Viewport Units and Responsive Cubes

I recently began playing with 3D transforms and shapes using CSS. One of the more complicated concepts is the CSS cube. There are plenty of great resources that explain how to make a cube using CSS, but this was my favorite.

Getting the Ball to {Fall} with CSS and @Keyframes

I am nearing the end of the HTML/CSS portion of the Learn program, and so far it has been smooth sailling. More often than not, I find myself exploring beyond the lessons within the Learn program, reading blogs, browsing Github, or messing around in jsfiddle and codepen. I’m planning on posting more frequently with my favorite concepts / mini-projects.

Why Did I Decide to Learn Software Development?

Good question.